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Peace of mind guarantees

Now is a great time to build

Have you been thinking of building a new home? Now is a great time to build as the industry experiences easing pressure on build times. As WA’s largest and most awarded regional builder we are pleased to provide you peace of mind guarantees that let you build with confidence.

Price Hold Guarantee

Our price hold guarantee means you’ll feel secure in the knowledge that the price of your home is fixed from start to finish. That’s welcome reassurance so you can approach your home building journey with ease.


Start Date Guarantee

Getting your home started is an exciting milestone. You can trust us to lead you through the home building process with confidence. We promise to get you to your start date guaranteed. Our highly skilled and experienced staff will finalise your pre-construction requirements to get your home ready to start.


Build with confidence NOW

* The building material supply chain is stabilising easing pressure on build times.

* Interest rates are still at record lows despite recent increases.

* Buying a new home means you get to choose a home that fits your lifestyle.

* A new home requires less maintenance and includes the latest modern inclusions.

Ask about our guarantees when you build with WA Country Builders.


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