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Are you thinking about building a new home? We have put together our most FAQs to make the process easy for you. While these FAQ’s serve as a guide, always check with your New Homes Consultant for specific answers relating to your build.


1. At WA Country Builders we offer a range of home designs, we provide you with an insight into what we can and can’t do and we modify existing designs to meet your needs. Keep in mind a three bedroom home can be easily converted to a four bedroom design. If you prefer your towel rail in a certain position, or need bigger drawers than standard in your bathroom we can help! 2. The choices available to you are very important, as this will have the greatest impact on determining what your new home will look like once complete. For this reason we have simplified the product selection process by choosing a range of quality products that most people prefer and including them in our range of homes. You will also have complete peace of mind knowing that your product selections are covered by warranty. 3. From a builders perspective – service is one of the most important considerations to make. You are making a large commitment – you want to be sure that people are available to you when you have questions, need to check items or simply to talk about how things are progressing. With offices located throughout WA, we can provide you with your own New Homes Consultant who will guide you through the sales and design process. They will provide you with a tailored Client File to help answer all your questions. Our extensive customer service has been recognised through customer service awards which we have received, as voted by our clients. You can view a complete list of awards here. 4. As an established family owned business with more than 20 years experience in building across regional WA – we know you deserve the best local advice, a wide choice of home designs and building materials, great value and award winning service. As an established company, we support local business and the local community with over 120 sporting teams supported by us in the various regions. We also build the Regional Telethon home every year. 5. If you require further information, why not come and visit one of our display homes and speak to our friendly New Homes Consultants who will be willing to assist you no matter what stage of the building process you are at!

WA Country Builders are proud members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA). This means we are provided with industry news updates and publications, advice on frequently changing local and state government building regulations, training and professional development as well as legal and technical support. This assists us in delivering high quality service across all areas of our operations. Many of our staff members are HIA committee and board members. This allows them to give back to the industry and help to make housing more affordable and accessible to everybody. We have received numerous awards from HIA, recognising our outstanding construction. Click here to find out more.

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding which home is best for you. WA Country Builders have a range of designs and specifications to meet your needs and lifestyle. Do you want a large open plan living area? A spacious kitchen with an alfresco? Do you need a theatre room or a home office? These are all questions your local New Homes Consultant can help you with! They will listen to your needs and provide you with a range of options tailored to meet your preferences.

This is easy! If you have a block of land simply provide the details to your local New Homes Consultant and they will show you a range of home designs that will fit on your block and offer alternative designs that will maximise the use of your block. Even better – we’ll meet you there and walk you through the options so you can get a clearer picture of what you could build. If you don’t have a block, no worries – we can assist with this from putting you in touch with land and real estate agents to also providing advice on what to look for in a block and what can affect your home design.

Here at WA Country Builders, it is in our best interest to ensure that you are in your new home as soon as possible. The exact time frame on the construction will vary depending on factors such as council approvals and your home design. Once construction begins, your Construction Team will guide you through the process providing you with regular updates and an expected completion date.

You can begin choosing all your product and colour selections as soon as you have signed your Preliminary Plans Agreement (PPA). These selections will be made with your New Homes Administrator at your pre start meeting.

Our range of homes have been designed based on the preferences of our clients. However we do recognise that people have different needs so we can make alterations to existing plans. These can be simple changes such as moving a wall or adding an extra room to the home. Your New Homes Consultant will assist you in making these alterations.

At WA Country Builders we have what we refer to as the Element and the Advantage specifications. These two individual specifications detail features included in your new home. Your new Homes Consultant will go through all details with you.

There are no hidden costs once you sign your contact. However, throughout the duration of your build some clients choose to upgrade certain features in their home for example, going from three-quarter to floor to ceiling tiling in the bathroom. Of course your New Homes Administrator will advise you of additional costs prior to making any changes.

No, you don’t have to sign a building contract. A preliminary agreement is a separate contract signed by you and your New Homes Administrator to carry out preliminary work. The type of work is usually defined on the agreement and can include things like soil tests, plan preparation, engineering, foundation design and site survey.

Your pre-start meeting takes place at the beginning of your building journey. This is a stage where you get to show off your creative side! All your colour and product selections will be made with your New Homes Administrator, with the assistance of our show rooms.

Your Client Guide includes a Standard Selections section as well as a brochure pack. We ask that you please spend some time going through these and finalising your selections before your pre start meeting. We ask that you bring the following on the day:

  • Your Client Guide – This includes magazines cut outs, ideas or visual inspiration.
  • Your contracts and all your plans.
  • Electrical plan with your requirements listed.
  • Your selections – paint colours, tiles, door handles etc. Don’t be afraid if you have not decided on all your selections, you New Homes Administrator is there to help you!
  • Finance Approval or proof of funds.
  • Certificate of Title.

This meeting will vary depending on the complexity of your home. It is generally quite a lengthy meeting so we request that children are not brought to the meeting. Your New Homes Administrator will liaise with you to arrange a date and time. Once your pre start meeting is completed and your selections have been accepted, our drafting department will commence your final plans.

Changes to your selections can be made after your pre start meeting, depending on what the change is and what stage of the building process the change is made. For example, colour selections can easily be changed. If you wish to make changes, your New Homes Administrator will guide you through the process.

A dedicated Client Liaison Officer will be your point of contact to communicate exciting milestones as your new home takes shape. If you have enquiries regarding your home’s construction your Client Liaison will liaise with the Construction Supervisor and then provide you with an update on progress.

During Construction

In order to commence construction on your new home, we require:

  • A copy of the Certificate of Title or Settlement letter
  • A signed Building Contract
  • Formal financial approval
  • Variations to the contract, Addenda to Specification and
  • Final Plans signed
  • Council and Water Corporation approval.

Yes you can make changes during construction. Pending the nature and complexity of the change, they will incur an administration fee as well as the cost of the item – which can also be a credit pending what the change is. Your Client Liaison will guide you through the process of making changes.

You will be provided with a varied set of resources including a client guide and regular updates from your Client Liaison. There will be various stages of the build where you will be met on site with your Construction Supervisor so you can see the progress of your build.

Unfortunately we can not give you keys to your new home prior to completion of construction and receipt of your final payment on your new home. At the practical completion stage, a third party will conduct a valuation on your home and the bank will take approximately 10 working days to process your final payment.

Post Construction

Practical completion is the point where all building work is completed or all but completed, in accordance with the contract, and the house is reasonably for occupation. It is important to realise that practical completion and hand-over do not necessarily occur at the some time. Hand over will take place after the practical completion so you have the opportunity to inspect your home and record defects.

Your Customer Liaison Officer will remain your primary point of contact once you have picked up your keys. If you have any questions relating to the completion of your home, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at any time!

We offer you a 6 month maintenance period from your handover. A maintenance sheet will be forwarded to you at 6 months to note any maintenance items you may have. Once this document has been completed, our Maintenance Coordinator will be in contact to rectify any issues. At handover, you will also be provided with a Maintenance Manual which will assist you in keeping your home in the best possible condition.

With every new home we build, WA Country Builders offers you peace of mind with a Lifetime Structural Guarantee.