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Build two homes in one.

Make the most of your space by building two homes in one.

Dual-living designs comprise two integrated living areas and are particularly appealing for families seeking flexibility in their living arrangements. Having this extra living space under the one roof is a major reason people choose this design choice.

If you live in a scenic location, dual-living is a great idea, as you can offer up a separate space in your country home as a guest house or Airbnb. Dual-living is a great way to earn additional income without any inconvenience.

Whatever your motivation, dual-living can make housing more affordable and is an ideal way to future-proof your property.

Our dual-living homes are a great investment while also being beautiful, functional designs. There’s no compromise on style or quality when you build two homes in one with WA Country Builders.

WACB blog 7 reasons you
Bowes Interior 1500x1000
Bowes Interior 1500x1000

Why dual-living?

There are many advantages to designing two homes in one to create a dual-living property. Maybe you’re teaming up with a friend or sibling to share the mortgage, but you each want your own space. Perhaps you have older children who would like to live on their own, or older parents who want to be nearby but still value their independence. Maybe you want to generate extra income by using separate accommodation as an Airbnb.

Even if dual living isn’t on your current agenda, adding in features that suit dual-occupancy design will help future-proof your new home.

The Cato Granny Flat elevation

Granny flats

A quick and cost-effective way to add space to your home, a granny flat can meet all sorts of needs, whether those needs are based on lifestyle, income or family – or all three.

With council approval no longer required for most granny flat builds, the process is more streamlined than ever.

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The Cato Granny Flat elevation


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