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House & Land Package Disclaimer

Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Photos and images are intended to be a visual aid only and may show features or items which do not form part of the home design. Please speak with a Design & Building Consultant for further details.

The details contained in any home and land package displayed on the WA Country Builders web site were correct at the time of listing, however pricing and land availability are subject to change.

All care has been taken to ensure the home design shown is suitable for the advertised lot however design and specification are subject to shire and developer approvals. Prices specified may vary and be subject to change once all site works plans are completed other relevant costs are taken into consideration.

Changes made to the design may affect the total cost of the package. Photos, images and descriptions are intended to be a visual aid only and may show items or inclusions which do not form part of the land or house and land package

Land Prices

Pricing and availability are correct at the time of listing, WA Country Builders does not own the lot and the owner of the lot reserves the right to alter the prices.

Prices do not include stamp duty, registration fees and any other fees or charges relating to the purchase of land. Purchasers will need to pay these fees and charges separately. The price is subject to adjustments under the land contract, including rates and land tax.

Purchasers will need to enter into a sales contract with a representative operating under the guidance and control of a real estate agent on behalf of the owner of the land and a separate contract with WA Country Builders for the construction of the house.

House Prices

The price shown is based on WA Country Builders standard specifications and the inclusions for the house as nominated by WA Country Builders. The price may be subject to exclusions such as site establishment costs, landscaping, fencing and any other identified exclusions.

Alterations may be required to an advertised house to ensure it is compatible with a site specific analysis which includes, but is not limited to, a site survey and a soil classification report. Further site specific requirements may include State or Local Government requirements and developer covenants applying to the land. These alterations may increase the cost of construction.

Peace of mind Guarantees

Terms and conditions apply to each Guarantee and differ in each region. Speak with a Design Consultant for details.

Live Large

Within the terms and conditions contained in this document, the Live Large Promotion provide one of two options;

  1. To double the area size of the alfresco shown on any of our standard models (excluding any designs containing raked alfresco ceilings), or
  2. Add a third garage immediately adjoining the side of an existing garage on any of our standard models.

The Promotion is available to new customers who sign their Preparation of Plans Agreement on or after 1st January 2024 and before the 30th April 2024. The Promotion is not available in conjunction with any other promotion, competition, discount, or incentive. WA Country Builders (WACB) reserves the right to amend, cancel or extend this Promotion at any time without notice.

Applicable to WA Country Builders single storey standard house models (outside of those excluded) only. Any changes to these standard models may void this promotion or incur additional costs.

By the addition of either option contained in this promotion, the select standard house plan may no longer suit the block size or width advertised by WA Country Builders from time to time. Clients are to undertake their own due diligence on the suitability of adding this promotion to a selected house plan to suit their own situation. The addition of either option in this promotion will not be permitted where the addition would prevent the home meeting requirements for the issue of a building permit.

Promotion inclusions are not transferrable to any other discount, credit or offset against any other variations without the explicit permission of WACB management.

Further detailed information regarding specifications, minimum/maximum dimensions, setbacks, materials and construction detail and other specific plan details are provided on the Live Large Promotional Annexure and is available on request from your New Homes Consultant.

Beachridge Estate

WA Country Builder’s Pty Ltd (WACB) has included a $25,000 (including GST) discount off the house price as noted in the Preparation of Plans Agreement Quotation, based on the following terms and conditions(T&Cs) being met. Should the T&Cs not be met, the promotional discount will become null & void and variation to cancel the discount will be issued to the client.

The client/s must enter into a Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA) with WACB, within the promotion period, where the building address is an eligible block as identified in the attached Beachridge Estate plan.

The house model noted in the PPA must be from the WACB standard model range. Changes to the standard home design may be allowed, at additional cost, and at the discretion of The Builder.

The client/s must sign an offer and acceptance (O&A) to purchase an eligible block with the developer of Beachridge Estate, within the promotion period, for the land noted in the PPA.

The offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discount offered by WACB or the developer of Beachridge Estate.

This offer is not transferrable to any other PPA.

The promotional period is from 11 March 2024 to 31 May 2024 and may be extended or discontinued at any time at the sole discretion of The Builder. The Builder cannot cancel a discount once both a PPA has been accepted by the builder and an O&A has been signed and accepted by the developer.

Social Media and Moderation

WA Country Builders welcome visitors to our social media channels or public review websites where they may post comments, reviews and photos and submit questions or ideas. We encourage discussions and engagement and accept constructive suggestions and critique so long as posts are relevant and respectful to our staff, customers, suppliers and wider social community.

WA Country Builders will, as far as possible, report and/or remove content posted to our social media channels or public review websites should it be the opinion of WA Country Builders that they may be reasonably interpreted to be illegal, threatening, defamatory, contain obscene language or racism or be invasive to the privacy of any WA Country Builders staff member, agent, representative or customer. WA Country Builders reserve the right to remove posts which contravene these guidelines including those considered to constitute excessive posting, spamming or commercial solicitation and may block the accounts of those users that post comments of the above nature in a persistent or extreme manner, to avoid any future posts of a similar nature.

With the exception of material posted on embedded third party websites, WA Country Builders own or have the rights to the intellectual property in the material that we post. The work is copyright. You may download, display, print and reproduce this material in unaltered form only (retaining this notice) for your personal, non-commercial use or use within your organisation.

You do not have any rights to the material posted by other people on various social media channels and must not copy, reproduce or adapt this material unless the owner of that material expressly gives you these rights.


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We reserve the right to make changes to our site and these disclaimers, terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Be Vigilant Against Cyberfraud

Hackers have impersonated Building Companies and requested payment via email using false account details. It is important you ensure that any transfers are made to verified bank account details – and if those details have changed, that you call us on our published phone number to verify them.

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