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Keep up to date with the latest in in building and design.

We realise you may have lots of questions about building a new home, so our blog is where we’ll be helping you with answers to common – and not so common – design and construction queries, providing style inspiration and sharing some of our own favourite spaces. From building advice to design, interiors and styling, we’ve got you covered.

Strength of local trade relationships vital to success

The team have continued to maintain a high build quality and workmanship through every build, despite the ‘building boom’. This has been successfully achieved through the efficiency and strength of the local Albany team, around surrounding trade base. Read the full article here.


First home complete under Government Grants

WA Country Builders South West are delighted to announce that they have handed over the first home under the Government Grant scheme introduced in June 2020. Read the full article here.


Trust in the building process

Local Building and Design Consultant’s Todd Branson and Claire Oakes are prominent members of the Busselton team. Read the full article here. 


WA Country Builders supports local apprenticeship

With the demand for trades across the building industry growing rapidly, it is no surprise that many high school students have a desire to begin an apprenticeship in the building trade. With local schools, such as Busselton Senior High School, offering a unique Vocational and Educational model. Read the full article.  


Geraldton office move to accomodate accelerated growth

New facility reinforces innovative culture and commitment to providing award-winning service. Read the full article here.


Building experience makes the difference

Local Building & Design Consultant’s Harry Leese and Peter Bilston are a distinguished part of the South West team. Offering over 35 years of knowledge and experience. Read the full article here.  


Building experience is key in Bridgetown

Beryl Thompson has played a significant role in growing WA Country Builders & the Rural Building Company in Bridgetown. With Beryl establishing the Bridgetown office in 1995. Read the full article here.


Business as usual for WA Country Builders

Jason Seppala, Building and Design Consultant for WA Country Builders in Geraldton highlights the importance of maintaining building practises and local relationships, during this unprecedented time in the industry. Read the full article here. 


Local team offer a lifetime of experience

Local Building and Design Consultants Jack Walker & Simone Taylor, are a distinguished part of the WA Country Builders & Rural Building Company story since its establishment in the South West. Read more here.


A room-by-room tour of the Eucalyptus

There’s something wonderfully familiar and comforting about the Eucalyptus. Maybe it’s because our designer was inspired by classic elements, such as tumbled red brick, painted weatherboards, gables and exposed rafter ends. Maybe it’s the colours of nature and the earthy, natural materials.