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Can I afford to build my own home?

See if you qualify for your first home!

If you can afford to rent then the answer is probably yes! And even if you’re not in a position to buy your own home right now, we can help you get there.

Our experienced team of First Home Owner Specialists will make sure you receive all government grants you’re entitled to, including the $10,000 first home owner’s grant. Plus, we’ll help get you into a home of your own with a low deposit and ensure you receive the best possible home loan tailored to your budget.


3 Steps to Home Ownership

We can be simultaneously coordinate these steps to set you on the exciting path towards home ownership. All you need is $3k to get started!











The first step is to qualify for finance and set a budget. Once we have this we need to break it down into a few key areas. Such as how much to spend on land and how much to spend on a home. We will help you access all the Government Grants you are entitled to, including Stamp Duty concessions and the $10,000 Frist Home Owners Grant. From here we can easily ascertain which locations are best suited to your budget and of course your own personal needs of where you want to live.


When selecting a block we will help you to consider many things: size, price, orientation and building covenants to name a few. Once a block is selected you will sign paperwork called an ‘Offer and Acceptance’. This is your land contract and will form the first important part of your home and land package. Generally, you will need a $1,000 deposit to secure your land.


This is the fun part. Selecting your home is easy with our experienced First Home Owner Specialists. We will consider many aspects for you and your family’s needs. Number of rooms, future family requirements and car garaging to name a few. More importantly we will stick within your budget requirements. When signing up for a new home you will need a $2,000 deposit.



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