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Building process

Read our step by step guide on the building process.

1. Design Selection ~ Meet & Greet!

So you’ve decided to build a home and are at the exciting stage of finding the plan that best suits you! There are so many considerations to think of when looking for the perfect home, first of all location, location location!

Do you have a large family, are you looking to build a single or double storey home, how will the floor plan match your lifestyle or even account for your future lifestyle changes.

These are all questions your New Homes Consultant at WA Country Builders can help you answer. They will work closely with you until you find the perfect match.

If you already have a block of land we will ask for current survey papers. If you do not have these we will arrange for your block to be assessed.
Once you have spoken with your New Homes Consultant about what you would like to see in your dream home they will arrange a meeting to brief your designer.
The moment is finally here! This is the stage you get to see what your home could look like. Any added bedrooms or changes to the floorplan you had discussed previously with your New Homes Consultant will have been made for your review.
Once you have received your finalised floor plan and quote, if you are happy to proceed with your build we will draft up what is called a Preparation of Plans Agreement. This is an agreement that is signed and submitted along with a deposit for your build.

2. Planning ~ Introducing Your New Homes Administrator!

This is when it all begins, your introduction meeting with your assigned New Homes Administrator. Your NHA (as we like to call them) will guide you through the selections and decisions you need to make regarding the positioning and internal fittings of your home.

In this initial meeting you will be siting your house, basically deciding where you would like it to sit on your block, how high it will sit and where your windows will be. Your NHA will provide you with tailored advice based on your block as to what they recommend.

After you have met with your NHA and provided the final decisions regarding your plan, it is then taken to the Drafting department where your full plans are drawn up including a detailed birds eye view of your home and elevation. These are the plans that will be given to the Construction team once you have signed your contract.
If you are happy with your plans and NHA meeting it is time to draw up the official contracts for your new build!
And here is the fun part! Your prestart meeting is where you will select what you would like to keep on your current specification and what changes you would like to make. If you decide to make any custom product changes they will be noted in a separate list which will be costed at the end of the meeting to let you know if there are any additional costs due to product changes. Your NHA will guide you through your product selection going through each room of your new home.
A file containing your final plans and specifications will be drawn up for your new home. Your NHA will organise the relevant council approvals and building licenses and will liaise with the shire clerk to make sure your build is ready to go.

3. Construction ~ Siteworks

Ready for Action! This is when all the necessary earthworks take place such as demolition, adding a power run, removing of rocks, ground levelling, sewerage, plumbing and building the footings of your new home.

The first step of construction is earthworks. This is to ensure your house will be built on firm ground, that it’s built in the right place, that it’ll resist pests and that it’s being built in the right spot. Your block of land will be cleared of any debris, rocks, trees or organic matter. Any surplus soil will be removed and your sand pad will be laid.
The slab is the concrete base for your home. It will take around 4-6 weeks to cure in winter or 2 weeks in summer. This is an exciting stage in your building process because the rooms will be mapped out on the concrete. Remember to take a photo on your slab!
Your bricks are delivered to site and it’s time to start building up! Our bricklayers will map out the walls and window frames according to plan. This stage can vary but it generally takes a few weeks to complete the brickwork.
Your site supervisor will ensure the delivery of the roof timber to site for the trades to get started. Now it’s time for the roof carpenters to add a roof to your new home. The roof plumbers will install gutters and downpipes, followed by Colorbond or tiles to finish off your new roof once the roof frame is fitted.
The Plasterers and Renderer will now get started on your internal walls. This is a two stage process, first the grey render, also known as the internal float to create a flat surface over the brickwork. Then the white wall plaster finish.
At this stage your windows are in, all external doors are hung and we can lock up your new home to keep all your internal fittings safe once they are installed. Your brand new dream home is becoming a reality!
You're almost there! Your Site Supervisor will take you through your home for a final inspection, also known as a PCI (Practical Completion Inspection).
Congratulations! Your brand new home is ready for you to move in and make your own.