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Demolish and rebuild

The process to success with WA Country Builders

Knockdown and rebuild projects are gaining popularity, offering the opportunity to retain your prime location while replacing your old house with a brand-new one.

Alternatively, you might want to knock down and rebuild your home as a smart way to start property investment via a subdivision plan.

No matter the reason, here at WA Country Builders, we’re ready to guide you every step of the way. We’ll make sure the demolition and building process is easy and stress-free for you, by managing the whole project.

Demolish and rebuild your home the right way

Determine if a knockdown and rebuild is right for you, by considering the benefits such as:

  • Staying in the area you know and love
  • Avoiding Stamp Duty as you’re using land you already own
  • Preserving beloved existing spaces such as your garden, landscaping, and pool
  • Designing your dream home: the opportunity to craft a home precisely as you envision it, incorporating all your dream features
  • Optimising your property: ensuring you’re fully capitalising on the land, unlocking its full potential

As a demolition then a rebuild comes with specific requirements and challenges, it’s best to go with a builder who has proven experience with the process.

At WA Country Builders we are experts in the knockdown and rebuild process, and can offer whole-project support, ensuring a smooth project from start to finish.

And with enquires increasing, particularly in the South West, Great Southern, and Mid-West of WA, our team are ready to help you achieve the goal of a brand-new home, in the location you already love.

Why demolish and rebuild your home?

Are you thinking of swapping your house for a brand new one? Or swapping it for two new ones – one to live in and one to sell?

A knock down and rebuild is perfect for you if:

  • You want to start or expand on your property investment journey

Opting to knockdown and rebuild presents a strategic financial opportunity with the prospect of owning the most up-to-date properties in the neighbourhood. This becomes a compelling selling feature for future moves or optimising rental earnings. Undertaking a knockdown and rebuild can prove to be a wise investment, additionally allowing you to sidestep both stamp duty and real estate fees typically incurred when purchasing a new home.

  • You are wanting to downsize while still enjoying some extra cash flow

One of the main benefits of opting to demolish your existing home and rebuilding is that it can be more cost effective than renovating.

It is not uncommon for home extensions and renovations to be more expensive than new homes on a square metre basis. This is because renovations require a lot of time-consuming demolition and rectification work before the new work can commence.

Costs associated with extensions and renovating can be difficult to determine during the design stage as unforeseen construction issues can arise.

  • You simply wish to create a modern home, perfect for you and your family, while staying at the location you already love

Knockdown and rebuilds are a great option for families who love where they live but are in a desperate need of a new home that better suits their needs.

Are your children growing up and wanting more space? Do you want to stay close to your children’s school?

Rather than upping sticks and buying or building elsewhere, opting for a knockdown rebuild means you can construct the home of your dreams but stay in the area you love.


Love where you live? Demolish and rebuild with WA country builders

Ready to knockdown and rebuild your home? We’ve got you covered.

We will guide you throughout the entire demolish and build ensuring a straightforward and stress-free experience for you.

Speak to us today about your knock down rebuild project or in the meantime, explore our home designs.

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