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5 ways COVID-19 is influencing home design

From temporary classroom, gym and office suite, to holiday retreat and concert venue, there’s no denying our homes have been under pressure to perform during the pandemic.

As a result, some key trends are starting to emerge as we ask ourselves an important question.

What does my ideal home look like now?

Entertaining at home

Barbecues have long been a West Aussie favourite when it comes to entertaining at home. But it seems we’re keen to take the fun and food indoors with the revival of the classic dinner party. Space to host an exclusive sit-down dinner at home is becoming more of priority. Cocktails can be mixed at the bar and our guests can watch us rustle up restaurant-quality food in the open-style kitchen (with the pre-cook mess tucked well out of sight in the scullery, of course).

With fewer opportunities to go out to enjoy sport, music, dance, movies and theatre, we’re also turning our homes into our favourite entertainment venue. Settling into our own home entertainment room is the new night out as we cheer on our team on the big screen, stream a new blockbuster, stage production or concert, or simply turn up the music and dance.

Working from home

For better or worse, working arrangements have become much more flexible for many people, with options to work from home some or all of the time. While the end of the island bench might have been the work-at-home space in the short-term, it’s far from ideal in the long run. Homebuyers are looking more closely at designs with office nooks, computer zones and dedicated home offices, knowing they can comfortably adapt to working arrangements as needed.

Kids moving back home

It’s not surprising that the pandemic has forced many offspring back into the nest. While they may have stopped asking “What’s for dinner and can you do my washing?” these ‘kidults’ can certainly change the household dynamic. Homes with good-sized bedrooms, good storage, and flexible living and entertaining spaces are scoring extra points with families who suddenly find young adults back in the fold.

Seeking alone-time at home

When you’re living, working, exercising and entertaining at home, it can be hard to establish space for a little alone time or down time, especially when you’re competing with the rest of the household. Even a bigger master suite can offer that sanctuary you’re seeking, with space for a comfy reading chair or room to roll out the yoga mat. Multi-purpose rooms are great, too. Offering much-needed flexibility, they can quickly adapt from peaceful morning meditation, to family games night.

Holiday-style luxury at home

With our travel plans curtailed and that luxury international resort off the agenda for the time being, we’re keen to add a little extra style and luxury to our ‘staycations’. Holidaying at home is nothing new thanks to WA’s wonderful climate, but there’s nothing wrong with taking the 5-star factor up a notch or two. A deluxe ensuite with a freestanding tub, a fireplace for chilly evenings, a sweeping verandah to take in a magnificent view, or a poolside alfresco for lazy summer days. It’s easy to design a home that makes us feel as if we’ve escaped to our favourite retreat – whether we’re on holiday or not.