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What to expect at Pre-Start

Pre-start is the bit that many people look forward to the most when they’re building a new home

But what exactly is pre-start?

And what should you expect on the day?

At WA Country Builders we understand you’re looking for a seamless building experience every step of the way, which is why we promise you our very best service, quality and care. But as this is your new home, you obviously have a big part to play in the design process. And that’s where pre-start comes in.

Pre-start is often our clients’ favourite stage of their building journey because this where they can really start to visualise what their new home will look like, from the colour of the cabinets, to the style of the taps and tiles.

Here’s a quick run-down of the pre-start process.

How: It is important to be prepared for your Pre-Start meeting, ensuring you have a definitive idea of the selections for each space. To prepare for this, you will be provided with log in details to our new Constructive Media Portal which gives you flexibility to browse and make selections in the convenience of your new home. You will then come into your local office and complete your pre-start with your New Homes Administrator, who will be a point of contact for you right throughout the build. A pre-start meeting usually takes a few hours to complete, so it’s important to be organised and ready on the day.

Get ready: We recommend reviewing our Client Guide, Pre-start Checklist, Tile Selection Centre Document and Paint Schedule Document before you commence pre-start. Visiting the various supplier showrooms before pre-start is vital as these visits will help you make your various selections.

The decisions: During your pre-start session you will choose the colours, finishes and fixtures for your new home. You will also review your preliminary plans in detail and note any minor internal or external changes that might be needed. Adding extra power points is a good example of the sort of change you might want to make at this stage.

The documents: Following your pre-start meeting, your selections and any amendments to your plans will be itemised as a Variation Order, which will be sent to you to sign. Once all the variation documentation has been completed and signed, our drafting team will complete the final drawings for your home. These final drawings will include all internal and external specification choices, as well as all the electrical selections you made during pre-start. It’s important to note that once pre-start is complete and final plans are drawn, no more changes can be made to your home.

OK TO START: Once all the documentation has been completed and all the building approvals finalised you are now OK TO START! It is time to begin construction. Your New Homes Administrator will give you the contact details for your Site Supervisor, who will be with you every step of the way as your new home is built. They’ll provide updates on site and answer any questions you may have. Both your Site Supervisor and your New Homes Administrator will be your points of contact during the build and you can contact them at any time during the construction process.

Now it’s time to watch your new home take shape!