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Time to make the move?

If you’ve been considering a move to regional WA, it’s probably an itch that needs scratching more than ever given the year we’ve just had.

And you wouldn’t be alone.

Across Australia’s metropolitan areas, people are selling up and moving to a new life in the country or by the coast, with regional towns attracting everyone from young couples and families, to retirees and empty-nesters.

Many have enjoyed escaping to the country at weekends and now want to make the lifestyle permanent. Others have simply had enough of the rat race and are redefining their work-life balance as they explore new horizons.

Here are just some of their reasons for making the move in 2021:

Lifestyle change: This means different things to different people, but all are in search of a something new, fresh and often more meaningful. Some are swapping the freeway commute for a new venture and the chance to be their own boss. For others, a chance to live more sustainably is the focus.

Work from home: The working day has changed for many of our clients and living much further away from the office is now a real option. With flexible work-from-home arrangements, many are realising their country dream without having to change jobs.

More space: When you can buy affordable acreage, why wouldn’t you keep those horses, chickens, sheep and goats you’ve always wanted?

Affordability: As a rule you get more for your money in the regions when it comes to buying land, with rural and semi-rural blocks as well as more traditional suburban blocks to choose from. With a variety of floor plans to suit any block setting, from urban to country, rural to seaside, it’s easy to build an affordable home to suit.

Sense of community: Regional WA is known for its strong sense of community. It’s the only reason some of our clients have needed to make the move.

Regional values: A country town can be a great place to raise a family, with good schools, active local sports and social clubs, and all the amenities and services you need close by.

Regional growth: With new infrastructure, new amenities and an influx of new residents, many of WA’s regional towns are becoming property hotspots.

Planning for the future: Some of our clients have long dreamt of a home in the country and now’s the time to make it happen.

Investment: Building a holiday home is also an opportunity to build a business, with regional WA the go-to destination for many holidaymakers.

Browse our range of home designs to picture what your new regional lifestyle might look like.