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Les & Margaret




Introducing Les Hollomby and Margaret Dawson, a vibrant Geraldton couple who have recently completed building a custom home design. When we were approached by Les and Margaret, they had very specific ideas in mind of what they wanted to achieve, the most important being to capture the beautiful ocean views. They wanted a traditional Australian homestead with large verandahs and a workshop for Les to tinker in!

From the bush poles framing the verandah to the open spaces and earthy tones, this is a truly unique home with a rustic charm! Les explained that they designed their new home to meet their needs.

Les and Margaret were great clients and held a close relationship with their New Homes Consultant and Supervisor. Les commented that the they were very pleased with the communication throughout the duration of their build and they never had a problem from day one.

As Les simply but perfectly put it – “We designed this. It’s only two bedroom but it’s got a big workshop. It’s just what we wanted, it works for us.”