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Stylish selections raising the roof

Adding drama and splendour to a façade, skillion roofs are not just for aesthetics, they also bestow a host of sustainable benefits.

WA Country Builders Principle Designer Rob Kirkovski said a skillion roof could add visual interest to a building by breaking away from traditional gable or hip roof designs.

“A skillion or mono pitch roof is angular when viewed externally and slopes upwards normally in one direction, as opposed to a gable roof, which is usually steeper in pitch and goes up, then back down,” he said. “It’s symmetrical shape can create dynamic silhouettes and distinctive profiles, enhancing the overall architectural character of a structure.”


For those looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, Mr Kirkovski said skillion roofs presented eco-friendly solutions.

“The slope of a skillion roof can be optimised to facilitate rainwater collection or accommodate solar panels,” he said.

“Additionally, the steep pitch of the roof can create opportunities for natural ventilation and daylighting, enhancing indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

“The roof can be pitched to optimise solar exposure and be designed to only incorporate winter sun while preventing the harsh summer sun from entering the home.”

When deciding if a skillion roof is right for your abode, Mr Kirkovski said to keep in mind that the roof pitch should be proportional to the overall height and scale of the building.

“Taller structures may accommodate steeper roof pitches while lower-profile buildings may require shallower pitches to maintain proper proportions,” he said.

“Consider the desired balance between roof pitch and building height to achieve harmonious architectural proportions.

“A steeper pitch can create a more dramatic and imposing silhouette while a shallower pitch may result in a sleeker and more modern aesthetic.

“Think about what the architectural style of the building and desired visual impact is when determining the roof pitch – match the pitch to the architectural style.”


Aside from selecting a design, material type is equally important.

“Metal roofing materials, such as corrugated steel and standing seam metal panel, are popular choices for skillion roofs due to their durability, low maintenance requirements and sleek modern appearance,” Mr Kirkovski said.

“Metal roofs are also lightweight, making them suitable for structures with less load-bearing capacity.”

Featuring striking skillion roofs, The Hamelin Bay and The Kalgan Contemporary by WA Country Builders are stylish, yet functional.

“The roof designs personify the resort aesthetics, creating an endless holiday vibe – a home as chilled as some of the locations it will inhabit,” Mr Kirkovski said.

“The modern aesthetic creates an open embrace to its location.

“Skillion roofs can help building stand out in their surroundings by offering a distinctive and memorable visual presence.”

Originally published by Madelin Hayes at The West Australian | New Homes, 2 March 2024

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