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Adding Summer vibes to your home

Bring the outdoors in

We usually spend more time outside during summer, but there’s no reason why we can’t bring the outside in. To create a resort style vibe to the interior of your home, add cane furniture, Acapulco chairs or ceramic stools to your living spaces.

Light fabrics and natural fibres

Ditch the throw rugs and embrace natural lighting this summer by removing heavy curtains. To give an immediate summery feel to your home use fabrics such as cotton and linen.

We love white in summer, it adds crispness to your interior and brings out the other colours and textures in your home. Rugs, wicker baskets and woven furniture pieces will add texture and natural fibres to your home and give it that tropical summer feel.

Cool colours

If you are wanting a simple summery look choose two base colours and then layer, keeping one as a main base, and the other as an accent. Cool colours mixed with light neutrals gives a fresh, breezy feel to a home.

The other option is to go bold. Incorporating tropical colours, such as yellow, aqua, deep green and coral to give that holiday feel to your home. Be sure to balance them out with white or light grey/brown to avoid colour overload. If your considering incorporating this trendy look into your home you can add colour through wallpaper, pillows, art and other décor pieces.

Spruce up your outdoor living

Summer is the perfect time to unwind and relax in your outdoor living areas. Turn your outdoor living into a peaceful sanctuary! Hang a hammock, install a daybed, add a fresh outdoor rug and some cushions with summery colours and patterns.

outdoor living

Add some greenery

The colour of 2017 was green, and it really is no surprise why it was so popular. The colour creates freshness and renewal, bringing your home to life.

Indoor plants have been on trend for a while and are remaining popular. They are beneficial to the quality of air in your home but they also make the perfect summer décor item. Add some lush greenery to your living areas by investing in some plants. Our top picks for great indoor plants include; Ficus Elastica, Devils Ivy, Zebra Plant, Orchid, Swiss Cheese Plant and Fiddle Leaf Fig.

If you aren’t keen on looking after plants you can still add your greens through cushions and artwork for a hint of tropical flavour in your home… all you need is a cocktail!

Try the rustic look

The rustic look is set to be a popular design trend this year. Terracotta is a great way to incorporate this look into your home. We aren’t suggesting you change to terracotta flooring, but bring terracotta planters inside. This will give your house a fresh and outdoorsy feel. Other suggestions are incorporating floated wood or whitewashed timber furniture which would work very well in all kinds of home styles.

summer bedroom