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5 secrets to a luxurious bathroom

Ever looked at a beautiful bathroom and wondered what takes its design to the next level? You’re not alone. Many homeowners want to know how some bathrooms get that ‘wow’ factor.

Bathroom envy is something we all experience from time to time, but the good news is that with some careful planning and design, you can transform your bathroom from dull to decadent – without breaking the bank!

Tile tricks

Taking tile from floor to ceiling is important in making a traditional or modern space feel high end. The good news is that doesn’t mean you have to spend at the high end. Rather than tiling a whole room partway up, consider tiling just one or two walls top to bottom in a statement stone. You’ll still get that finished look without paying to tile the whole space.

Also consider running one type of tile across the floor and a wall for a strong, singular statement.

Mirror power

A large mirror has so the power to transform your bathroom. It cuts down on tile costs by filling much of a wall and can virtually double the size of the room, making it feel like a vast personal oasis. Consider taking a mirror wall to wall.

Let it rain

Let’s face it, we rarely have time to unwind in a bath these days, which is why it’s crucial to invest in a quality shower head for a little indulgence. Whether you’re after a soft rainfall effect or a massaging jet, an above-the-body shower can really take your bathroom game up a few notches.

Think fluffy

If you’re going to splurge anywhere in your bathroom, update your towels and bath rug. A soft, fluffy, neutral-coloured towel goes a long way if you’re trying to turn your basic bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

It’s in the details

Finally, taking your bathroom from drab to fab can ultimately come down to the finishing touches. Considered adding scented candles to add an overall mood in your bathroom while stimulating the senses and freshening up the space. Soaps, lotions, diffusers and sprays will also effortlessly set the scene, so invest in quality products.

luxurious bathroom

luxurious bathroom