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Why Now Is The Time to Build

Now is a great time to commence building in Western Australia, as those who enter the market now can take advantage of the situation and enjoy a faster than usual process.

Whilst house and land prices are relatively affordable at the moment, this won’t always be the case with labour, materials and land value predicted to rise later this year. It is important to keep an eye out for all current house and land opportunities, plus the ever changing home building promotions across the metropolitan and regional areas.

Access to finance will also become easier in time, as lending conditions will evolve to allow more people in the market to borrow more money. Home loan repayments will become more manageable, as the rate is predicted to reduce again in the coming months. With Western Australia and national home buyer benefits set to be in more in our favour.

Regional Western Australia

Many people are pausing their home building process at present, providing new clients the opportunity to be fast tracked through the system and build their home in a more timely manner.

Regional Western Australia continues to remain a desirable place to live. The regional lifestyle offers lower density and less risk or exposure to any virus or illness. A growing reminder that now is the perfect time to make the switch. Build a home that lends its design to the open space and rural lifestyle that is so sought after at this time.